ColorPalette is used on any Color property, and allows for choosing colors from different definable palettes.

Use this to allow the user to choose from a set of predefined color options.

namespace Sirenix.OdinInspector
[AttributeUsageAttribute((AttributeTargets)32767, AllowMultiple = False, Inherited = True)]
public sealed class ColorPaletteAttribute : Attribute


Namespace: Sirenix.OdinInspector
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector


Return Type Definition Description
string PaletteName Gets the name of the palette.
bool ShowAlpha Indicates if the color palette should show alpha values or not.


Definition Description
ColorPaletteAttribute() Adds a color palette options to a Color property.
ColorPaletteAttribute(string) Adds color options to a Color property from a specific palette.


The following example shows how ColorPalette is applied to a property. The user can freely choose between all available ColorPalettes.

public class ColorPaletteExamples : MonoBehaviour
    public Color ColorOptions;

    public Color UnderwaterColor;

    [ColorPalette("Fall"), HideLabel]
    public Color WideColorPalette;

    [ColorPalette("My Palette")]
    public Color MyColor;

    public Color[] ColorArray;