Contains meta-data information about a property in the inspector, that can be used to create an actual property instance.

namespace Sirenix.OdinInspector.Editor
public sealed class InspectorPropertyInfo


Namespace: Sirenix.OdinInspector.Editor
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector


Return Type Definition Description
ImmutableList<Attribute> Attributes The attributes associated with this property.
bool HasBackingMembers Gets a value indicating whether this InspectorPropertyInfo has any backing members.
bool HasSingleBackingMember Gets a value indicating whether this InspectorPropertyInfo has only a single backing member.
bool IsEditable Whether this property is editable or not.
bool IsUnityPropertyOnly Whether this property only exists as a Unity SerializedProperty, and has no associated managed member to represent it. This case requires some special one-off custom behaviour in a few places.
MemberInfo MemberInfo The member info of the property. If the property has many member infos, such as if it is a group property, the first member info of MemberInfos is returned.
MemberInfo[] MemberInfos All member infos of the property. There will only be more than one member if it is an !:InspectorPropertyGroupInfo.
int Order The order value of this property. Properties are (by convention) ordered by ascending order, IE, lower order values are shown first in the inspector. The final actual ordering of properties is decided upon by the property resolver.
string PropertyName The name of the property.
PropertyType PropertyType Indicates which type of property it is.
SerializationBackend SerializationBackend The serialization backend for this property.
Type TypeOfOwner The type on which this property is declared.
Type TypeOfValue The base type of the value which this property represents. If there is no value, this will be null.


Return Type Definition Description
T GetAttribute<T>() Gets the first attribute of a given type on this property.
T GetAttribute<T>(HashSet<Attribute>) Gets the first attribute of a given type on this property, which is not contained in a given hashset.
IEnumerable<T> GetAttributes<T>() Gets all attributes of a given type on the property.
InspectorPropertyInfo[] GetGroupInfos() The InspectorPropertyInfos of all the individual properties in this group.
Delegate GetMethodDelegate() Gets the property's method delegate, if there is one. Note that this is null if a method property is backed by an actual method member.
string ToString() Returns a String that represents this instance.