Contains configuration for generating an assembly that provides increased AOT support in Odin.

namespace Sirenix.Serialization
public class AOTGenerationConfig : GlobalConfig<AOTGenerationConfig>


Namespace: Sirenix.Serialization
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector


Return Type Definition Description
string AOTFolderPath The path to the AOT folder that the AOT .dll and linker file is created in, relative to the current project folder.
bool AutomateBeforeBuilds

Whether to automatically scan the project and generate an AOT dll, right before builds. This will only affect platforms that are in the AutomateForPlatforms list.

**This will only work on Unity 5.6 and higher!**

List<BuildTarget> AutomateForPlatforms A list of platforms to automatically scan the project and generate an AOT dll for, right before builds. This will do nothing unless AutomateBeforeBuilds is true.
bool DeleteDllAfterBuilds Whether to automatically delete the generated AOT dll after a build has completed.


Return Type Definition Description
void GenerateDLL() Generates an AOT DLL, using the current configuration of the AOTGenerationConfig instance.
void ScanProject() Scans the entire project for types to support AOT serialization for.