AssemblyTypeFlags is a bitmask used to filter types and assemblies related to Unity.

namespace Sirenix.Utilities
public enum AssemblyTypeFlags
None = 0
UserTypes = 1
PluginTypes = 2
UnityTypes = 4
UserEditorTypes = 8
PluginEditorTypes = 16
UnityEditorTypes = 32
OtherTypes = 64
CustomTypes = 27
GameTypes = 71
EditorTypes = 56
All = 127


Namespace: Sirenix.Utilities
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector

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Definition Description
All All includes UserTypes, PluginTypes, UnityTypes, UserEditorTypes, PluginEditorTypes, UnityEditorTypes and OtherTypes.
CustomTypes CustomTypes includes includes all types manually added to the Unity project. This includes UserTypes, UserEditorTypes, PluginTypes and PluginEditorTypes.
EditorTypes EditorTypes includes UserEditorTypes, PluginEditorTypes and UnityEditorTypes.
GameTypes GameTypes includes all assemblies that are likely to be included in builds. This includes UserTypes, PluginTypes, UnityTypes and OtherTypes.
None Excludes all types.
OtherTypes OtherTypes includes all other types that are not depended on UnityEngine or UnityEditor.
PluginEditorTypes PluginEditorTypes includes all editor types located in the plugins folder.
PluginTypes PluginTypes includes all types located in the plugins folder and are not located in an editor folder.
UnityEditorTypes UnityEditorTypes includes all editor types that are not user editor types nor plugin editor types.
UnityTypes UnityTypes includes all types depended on UnityEngine and from UnityEngine, except editor, plugin and user types.
UserEditorTypes UserEditorTypes includes all custom user scripts that are located in an editor folder but not in a plugins folder.
UserTypes UserTypes includes all custom user scripts that are not located in an editor or plugin folder.