GUITableColumns used creating a table list using GUITable.Create().

namespace Sirenix.Utilities.Editor
public class GUITableColumn


Namespace: Sirenix.Utilities.Editor
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector

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Return Type Definition Description
string ColumnTitle The column title text. If there are is columns with a title, there we not be rendered an additional table row for column titles.
float MinWidth The minimum with of the column.
Action<Rect, int> OnGUI Draws a cell at the given row index for this column.
bool Resizable If true, the column becomes resiziable. Default is true.
bool SpanColumnTitle If true, the column title cell, will span horizontally to neighbour columns, which column titles are null. Default is false.
float Width The width of the Column. 0 = auto, and is also the default.