namespace Sirenix.Utilities.Editor
public class GUITableRowLayoutGroup


Namespace: Sirenix.Utilities.Editor
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector


Return Type Definition Description
GUIStyle CellStyle The cell style
bool DrawScrollView Whether to draw a draw scroll view.
int MaxScrollViewHeight The maximum scroll view height.
int MinScrollViewHeight The number of pixels before a scroll view appears.
Vector2 ScrollPos The scroll position


Return Type Definition Description
Rect ContentRect Gets the rect containing all rows.
Rect OuterRect Gets the outer rect. The height of this <= ContentRect.height.
int RowIndexFrom Gets the first visible row index.
int RowIndexTo Gets the last visible row index.


Return Type Definition Description
void BeginCell(int) Begins the cell.
void BeginColumn(int, int) Begins the column.
void BeginTable(int) Begins the table.
void EndCell(int) Ends the cell.
void EndColumn() Ends the column.
void EndTable() Ends the table.
Rect GetRowRect(int) Gets the row rect.