Customize Odin

Odin offers various configuration options and is built to be modular and extendable, so that Odin does exactly what you want it to. This section briefly covers the various ways in which Odin can be configured and extended.


Odin is configured per project, and the configuration data is stored in various assets in the project (Under Sirenix/Odin Inspector/Config). This configuration can be adjusted in the preferences window, which can be found at Tools -> Odin Inspector -> Preferences.

Extendable systems

Many systems in Odin are built to be extendable. It is the general policy in Odin's design to build general-purpose systems, and then use them to create functionality, so that users also have complete access to the same tools that were used to build all the user-visible features of Odin.


For example, by far most of the inspector attributes in Odin have been created with no magic access to Odin internals, and no special-case code is written to make them work; they're merely ordinary extensions of the drawing system. See the Drawers in depth section for more information on how to create custom drawers.


Likewise, the three available serialization formats - binary, json and nodes - are merely implementations of an interface that anybody could implement and use, and the how and why of the serialization of any type is likewise entirely controllable. See the Serialization in depth section for more information on how to extend Odin's serialization.