Odin Inspector Version


  • Added a new window found in “Window > Odin Scene Validator”, which scans all open scenes for errors, warnings and missing references.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when applying PrefabModifications that change an array's length.
  • Fixed issue where property children would not be properly updated when a list length was changed by something other than inserting or removing an element, which would throw errors upon inserting list elements.
  • Fixed issue where custom Unity PropertyDrawers for PropertyAttributes weren't found and drawn in the inspector like other drawers.
  • Fixed issue where Unity's own PropertyDrawers and DecoratorDrawers weren't found and used in the inspector where applicable.
  • Fixed issue with ToggleGroup being unintuitive to use and updated examples accordingly.
  • Prefab modifications are now properly removed when parent values and list lengths change that make the modification paths invalid.
  • Fixed newly introduced compiler warnings and errors that occur when using Odin as source files.


  • DrawerPriorityAttribute now works on custom Unity PropertyDrawers and DecoratorDrawers.
  • Added DrawerIsNotLocatableAttribute, which indicates that the DrawerLocator will not find this drawer, whether it has an InspectorDrawerAttribute defined or not.
  • Added IsChildOf and IsParentOf methods to InspectorProperty.


  • Prefab modifications can no longer have internal references to each other, making them more impervious to merge changes.
  • Removed prefab path resolution failure warning. There are cases where a modification path cannot be resolved for entirely legitimate, okay reasons.