Odin Inspector Version


  • Inline editors are now always drawn with the GUI enabled. Hence, inline editors with [ReadOnly] values (or values that are not editable for other reasons) now work properly.
  • Fixed issue with InspectorProperty.LastDrawnValueRect.
  • Paging buttons on lists, arrays and dictionaries now work when GUI is disabled.
  • Unity-serialized values that are null, can now be corrected when property is not editable.
  • "Context-click -> Clear list" no longer works on lists that are not editable.
  • Enums now work in the inspector with values in the full range of long.MinValue to ulong.MaxValue, and negative enum values can be serialized.
  • Fixed issue where prefab modifications for values of added list elements would often fail to apply in the same frame as they were registered, causing them to lose values.


  • Major rework of drawer system internals. Removed the concept of append and prepend drawers; changed to just a single drawer chain to simplify the drawer system. Also changed drawer priorities to be less confusing - they now have three
  • levels: super, wrapper and value. If you have written custom Odin drawers, they will have to be updated to conform with the changes. If your drawer was an append or prepend drawer, remember to add a CallNextDrawer call respectively before or after drawing.
  • Methods are now also drawn with drawer chains. Therefore, ShowIf, HideIf, GUIColor, and other such attributes, now work on buttons in the inspector.
  • Renamed PropertyValueOverride to PropertyValueState.
  • Interface ISearchable was removed.
  • Removed the "search for settings" feature in the Odin Preferences Window as it was not working properly. This will be re-introduced once it is fixed and working properly.