Odin Inspector Version


  • HorizontalGroup attribute has been added. Checkout it out in the updated demo scene .
  • Odin now works in the latest Unity 2017 beta version.
  • Assembly documentation xml files are now included in the package. This means the api documentation now will show up in the IntelliSense.
  • Odin now works much better with external plugins. It now handles duplicate type name conflicts during editor generation far more gracefully, giving detailed warning messages (which can be disabled), and automatically disabling editor generation for the types in question to fix the error.


  • Fixed an error where private members in base-classes would by be found by attributes such as ShowIf and HideIf.
  • Fixed various errors that broke everything in the 2017.1 beta. NOTE: To fix errors in the 2017.1 beta, a feature has been disabled since an error was introduced by Unity that prevents it from working. The feature in question is drawing custom Unity Property Drawers for data which is not serialized by Unity. If an attribute seems to have no effect in 2017.1, it is likely because it was implemented by a custom Unity Property Drawer and the data is not being serialized by Unity.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't put several [CustomContextMenu] on a property and have them all show up in the context menu.
  • The Header and Title attributes are now part of the super drawer queue, which means they no will longer be indented by the [Indent] attribute as originally intended.
  • Fixed a lot of spacing inconsistencies between GUI Elements.
  • Fixed a bug where the ValidateInput attribute would break if the type was changed.
  • Fixed a bug where set-to-null did not work on Nullable<T> types.
  • The Space attribute will no longer be applied to List elements.
  • Fixed a bug where GUILayoutOptions.MaxWidth() specified the width instead of the MaxWidth.
  • Fixed TabGroup GUI popping issues.
  • Fixed an issue where EnumDrawer would not apply changes to the property.


  • Build serialization format can now only be set to data formats valid in builds.
  • Whether or not a property tree should draw the mono-script object field at the top, can now be specified via the new myPropertyTree.DrawMonoScriptObjectField property.