Odin Inspector Version


  • Fixed inspectors that draw null Unity objects marking the current scene dirty constantly.
  • Fixed an issue where paging on TableLists would not work with more than two pages.
  • Fixed an issue where referring to properties and methods inside structs via attributes such as [ShowIf] would not work.
  • Custom defined user script assemblies (formerly Unity 2017.2, now Unity 2017.3 feature) are now considered plugin assemblies, not Unity assemblies. This was causing types defined in such assemblies to not be rendered properly in the inspector.
  • DelegateDrawer now correctly handles delegate instances that have a null method reference. This was causing drawn UnityAction delegates to throw null reference exceptions.
  • GuessIfUnityWillSerialize now correctly guesses that Unity will never serialize delegates, not even UnityAction delegates.
  • Fixed error message about not being able to resolve or find the file "Default Dynamic Module" in the generated AOT folder when generating an AOT dll. The module "Default Dynamic Module" is no longer included in the saved assembly's IL code.
  • Fixed issue where the persistent context cache would incorrectly create new key entries rather than preserving the old ones, if persistent context entries were requested immediately after script reload by the currently selected object.


  • Renamed "DirectoryInfoExtensions.IsSubDirectoryOf" to "DirectoryInfoExtensions.HasSubDirectory" to reflect what the method actually does.


  • The Instance Creator Window will now show if an instance can't be created because no default constructor was found.